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However improbable by Anaeolist
mad men by Nunar
Sherlock theory by Lady-Katsa
Superwholock - Most Prized Possessions by Star-Jem
DrWhoSherlock Crossover
Missy cosplay at Sherlocked 2016 - II by ArwendeLuhtiene
Missy cosplay at Sherlocked 2016 - I by ArwendeLuhtiene
Sherlock is calling YOU - Become Lead Illustrator by SherlockTheGame
John's Emotion Character Portraits by SherlockTheGame
WhoLock X other fandoms
Supernatural fandom by trannes
*Spoiler Alert* Skynet is the... by GhostLord89
Dome City by Joe-Roberts
Last Dump Of 2014 by MissMayHirai
DrWho only
Clara oswin oswald by ymymy
SirJohn Hurt, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Actor dies by JediSenshi
Through space and time by ymymy
When the Stars Come Out by shatzy-shell
Sherlock only
Sherlock BBC cosplay at 221B by ArwendeLuhtiene
Gotcha! by doomaday
Sherlock and John Kiss by SherlockTheGame
Sherlock's song by SherlockTheGame
Sherlock BBC cosplay - Wholock II by ArwendeLuhtiene
Sherlock BBC cosplay - Wholock I by ArwendeLuhtiene
Sherlock BBC cosplay - Wholock III by ArwendeLuhtiene
Reunited by GhostLord89
More than 1 page Comics
Doctor Who Eternal Grace by GhostLord89
Doctor Who Ace and the Professor by GhostLord89
A Dead Ringer by GhostLord89

Mature Content

Enough with the curse words! by GhostLord89
Olympics Contest
London Olympics (Wholock) by SeaPlume
Keep Calm 01 by Shadow-StrikeRaven
Keep Calm 02 by Shadow-StrikeRaven
Icon Contest


:reading:We accept:
:bulletgreen: Almost everything. EXCEPT:
:bulletred: Doodles in your school folders or photographed pictures./ Scans of low quality./ There is a difference between nudity and porn. Guess which one we do not accept?

:gallery: Submitting:
It's easy - if your art is either ONLY DW or ONLY SH, it belongs in the "Doctor Who/ Sherlock only" folder. If it is a crossover art, then you have to put it in the Literature/ photo/ comic/ crossover/ crossover 2 folder depending on what it is exactly.

:bulletwhite: WhoLock: Drawings, Paintings. Digital or Traditional. ALL Doctors and Holmes'! Just together or Holmes as Master or next Doctor, Matt Smith as Watson etc.etc. Crossover fanfics belong to the Literature folder!
:bulletwhite: DrWho only: Everything Doctor Who.
:bulletwhite: Sherlock only: Everything Sherlock Holmes.
:bulletwhite: DW and SH and other fandoms: Have a SH/DW/ other fandom crossover? Like "SuperWhoLock" (Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes)? In here, please.
:bulletwhite: BBC and Moffat: Everything related to the shows and their creators and the BBC.
:bulletwhite: Photos: Your cosplay or photos from actors etc. Only Crossover.
:new::bulletred: DON'T submit art that uses copyrighted material from the shows such as screenshots!
:bulletblue: Please be friendly with each other.
:bulletyellow: Submit only your art; if I ever catch you stealing someone's work.....!
:bulletblue: Try to submit to the right folder!
:bulletyellow: Try to give credits and /or reference if possible, if you make photo manipulation or screenshot art.
:bulletyellow: SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT, S U B M I T ! If you have any artwork -or see other dA's artwork-, that fits into our group, share it with us!:lol:


DoctorWho and Sherlock Holmes, all in here, please!
Other fandoms or topics? Just ask! :D







Is anyone interested in leading this group?
I barely spend time on deviantArt anymore, and can't give this group he attention it deserves. If anyone else is willing to take over, please send me a private note :)N
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Time-Moose Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Where's the Affiliate button? I would really like to add this group. ^^
timeywimeystuff13 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Hi I was wondering if someone here could help me with this?
Sorry, I didn't know where to put this! :) (Smile)
ArtBySlider Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Can I submit a RDJ Sherlock Holmes story or is it just BBC Sherlock?
sahinduezguen Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
SarlyneART Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Feel free to submit ;)
Jen-Hickster Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, I've kinda stumbled on this thing since I'm not a proper whovian by any means~

Virgin New Adventures is publishings based on Doctor Who, and in one of them stories is called All-Consuming Fire which includes Sherrinford Holmes (The hypthetical eldest Holmes brother, who from what I can see has been fitted nicely into the whole Holmes family). Also from what I can gather Sherlock and Watson help the Doctor solve another mystery involving aliens being worshipped by a cult that Sherrinford has been taking part in.

^Anyway, This close enough to Canon? :|
staticfan101 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
PLEASE HELP!!! Does anyone know where I can watch classic who season 1 ep 5 the dead planet! I have looked EVERYWHERE for it online, but I can't find it! If someone knows where I can watch it I would be forever in your debt. I've recently started trying to watch classic who but this is making it very frusterating and difficult. I am a dedicated whovian and it means a lot to me to watch them in order. Please help if you can!
:D :heart::heart:
WhatItMeansToBeHuman Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there actually an episode where we see both of them together? :D
SarlyneART Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Haha, sadly not. Two different shows, but if you remember one of the latest Doctor Who episodes, there was a Sherlock reference, with showing 221 B.C. as a date in the past :D
WhatItMeansToBeHuman Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, too bad ^^
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